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A few days with Ray

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You guys tell and awesome tale!!  Good shootin' guys,another great hunt at Ray's place!!

Hope to shake the hand of both of you some day on one of my trips south   :notworthy:    :notworthy:

Hey you guys are right on about 'ol Woodrow.

I got an invite to his home and walked away with a bucket of rocks, tools and a days worth of teaching not to mention a new friend. He's a good guy and a true talent, as well as a patient teacher.

He gave me a knife blade he had finished but he didn't like the way it had come out.  :saywhat:  

Now I am not a knapper, more so a snapper, of rocks and a long way from having any talent or a "good eye" but I pull it out at least once a week just to marvel at it this "undesireable" blade will have a prominent place in my new den.

Thanks for the great read.

Man that's an awsome hunt,and sweet pics!Those are some really nice points.

Not really meaning to get off topic,but is that what they call Briar Creek or Allendale agate you guys found down there?

knife river:
southernarcher, that's the material exactly.  Nice rock -- it's colorful and has a sharp, strong edge if it hasn't been overcooked.  I saw more of the chert than the agate, but there were flakes of both around.

SuperK, we need to get together again soon.  I'd sure like to try that new bow of yours!

TaterHill Archer:
That's some great stuff.  I may need to get some of those points and knives in Alaska.


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