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A few days with Ray

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WOW! Incredible! Looks like someone almost missed that grasshopper. Also looks like one of those heads might have had some hog blood on it. I know hog blood when I see it!  :readit:   Looks like S.C. hog blood to be exact. Yall gonna sandbag us or cut to the good pics?  :bigsmyl:  CK

knife river:
Littlefeather, we're gonna sandbag.  :p  

Truth is, I took lots of photos and would have taken even more if I hadn't made a bonehead mistake with the camera (I thought the batteries were dead but they were fine).  But I never took a single photo of hogs.  Not one.  At one point I had six hogs in front of me, 13 to the right, and two whitetails blowing at me from the left.  No pictures.  Even when there were four hogs hanging in the cooler I didn't take pictures.  But I'm kinda getting ahead of myself...   ;)  

Al Snow, thanks for the info about the plant!  I'll google it right now!

This just keeps getting better. I know guys like the hog pictures, but the others are pure magic to this northern boy. It's pretty sweet to be able to see other parts of the country from the comfort of my chair and yet still feel like I'm there.

knife river:
vermonster13, you might like this photo, too.  What a cypress, eh?  As we walked up to it, something massive and heavy slid off the far bank and sent big waves our way.  Couldn't have been anything except a large alligator.  You might ask Ray about playing tag with those things...  It's always interesting when you step into the old predator/prey relationship and you don't know which role you're playing.


Boy howdy!
That's what bowhunting is all about.
Wonder what the inflation-adjusted price of ancient clovis points is in 2006 $? Bet those old-timers were paying way more'n $56 for three broadheads!

Great spring hunt'n flowers! That's one great joy of spring turkey and hog hunting. My wife really like the flower pix I get ( I haven't hot a turkey yet).


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