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Faces behind the handle! 2009

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A couple of me flingin' some cedar downrange.


Colorado- after two weeks alone in the highcountry. Mike

Taking a break.

Bringing 3 grandsons into the fold last weekend.

At last years R100 3-D shoot...

I knocked the apple out the deers nose for an extra 12 points...


Awesome target:

Fellow tradganger "CHAD" unphased by the 65 yard shot at the cape buff (the top of his FireFly is pointing at the target):

CHAD at the alien:


Dick in Seattle:
Here's a shot of me and "Slowpoke"... first full draw pull on first bow I made by myself...


Here's what just might be the best shot I've ever made... Bow was "Lemonade", a 17# longbow that didn't even have finish on it yet at this shoot.  There's a teeny, tiny yellow dot just above the front leg...


And here's a shot of me relaxing with a friend at a shoot..



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