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Cloverdale mud fest

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A pig coulda drowned in that slop. I pulled both my boots off at one point and Peg set a new downhill record on her butt and won't speak to me and it looks like it's the couch tonight. Oh well, I did get to meet that Terry Green fellow for a few minutes and had a nice chat with Bob Morrison under the tent at his booth while it rained somemore. I shot one of O.L.'s ACS longbows and am looking forward to getting my own in a few months and it isn't everyday you pick up two out of print whitetail "classics" and get to have their balding, portly authors autograph them for you. All in all, it was a fine day.  Man,I hope that lazyboy is comfy. Night ya all.


Terry Green:
Yep, a man could have made a nice Christmas bonus just pulling out vehicles.  Man what a mess it was in the parking lot, and on the course.  Once while trecking up hill to the next target, I noticed that our group sounded like a herd of cattle.

I'm going through the pics now.

I had an absolute BLAST!!!!!!!

Hello Terry,  Nice to meet you and Charlie Lamb,  I just got home and it cost me $35.00 to get pulled out of the campground.  Me and the kids had a blast and brought back lots of mud and memories with us.  Good shoot even if you had to have crimpers on to negotiate those mudslide paths.  Good Time Overall.  :thumbsup:

the Ferret:
Ah what a glorious time regardless of weather...unfortunately Dianne and I only got to spend a few hours on Saturday but they were quality hours. Shared a campsite and vittles with the "regulars". Just thinking about all you guys  makes me smile. Too many to list but y'all know who ya are.   :bigsmyl:  by the way the ribs were GREAT!

Was sure nice meeting ya Terry, a real pleasure.   :thumbsup:  Wish we coulda spent a little more time chatting. Hope you had a pleasant trip back home.

I missed meeting Charlie Lamb though. Also never caught up with Spudly durn it. Miss the little feller.Did meet Thunder and Frank at the Windsong Booth. A couple real nice guys (did I win the bow?) Also met Dano, a fine gentleman. ain't for shootin''s for visitin'.

Brad Francis:
I've gotta say that the parking areas could have used some help but over all, it was a good time.  It's not every day that you get to slide through a target course!

Terry, if the gentleman in the white cargo van didn't thank you for your efforts in getting him out of the slop in the parking lot, I'll do it for him.  I had the chance to speak with you briefly whilst you were trying to get his van out of the muck (never mind the fact that he kept putting his vehicle into reverse).  As it was, I got a lot of funny looks around the area with my new mud covered clothing thanks to some excessive wheel spin.  Hey, and that was the first 20 minutes of the day!  Oh well, no harm done.  It was all in the effort to help.  

That being said, it was nice to meet you and I wish you then best in your future endeavors.



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