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A SPECIAL thanks to Bob Morrison....

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Terry Green:
I'd like to thank Bob for a favor he did me publicly.  Bob just didn't lend me a bow to shoot the course at Cloverdale, he lent me HIS own personal bow.  

Now, given the conditions of the course, that was even more generous.  Cause Bob is mighty fond of his personal bows let me tell ya.

Why he even threw in some extra fu fu dust for good measure, and I'm sure I used it all up shooting with that crowd.  :D  

Thanks Bob.

joel smith:
I gotta ask---Terry, how did you happen to go that far to an archery shoot without taking at least one of your bows ?

Terry Green:

I really had no intention of shooting the course, just went to soak in all the festivities.  I did carry my 2 selfbows to show Dean, but I had no arrows for them.  Happen to have a quiver full of practice arrows in the back, and carbons off my selfbow just didn't seem right.  So Bob loaned me his Cougar longbow.  He insisted.

BTW, I know for a fact there are many other bowyers out there that would have done the same.  They are a special group unto themselves.

I have found Bob Morrison to be a class act. He offered to sell me his previous personal Koa Cougar at a special price cause he knew I really liked the bow. I didnt have the cash and even offered to take payments. Super guy.  :thumbsup:   We talked about hunting together this fall. Hope we can work it out.

Bob is definatly a super guy.A nicer more helpful man you will not find.Good luck with those big bucks this year Bob,I look forward to having it in my shop.Thanks again for everything.
     Curt }--------------->


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