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Our fearless leader!

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Charlie Lamb:
Guys!! Met Terry Green this weekend and all I can say is our Tradgang leader is hot with the stick and string. The guy borrowed a bow from Bob Morrison and about shot the pants off everyone in the group.
Silly boy didn't bring his own bow cause he wasn't planning on getting to shoot. All that Lance has told me about T's shooting is true with extra's. A smart man would let him shoot first then use his arrow in the kill ring for an aiming point. My hat's off to a fine archer.
On top of that I found him to be a warm, and engaging guy who's as modest and generous as they come.
If you all get a chance, hunt him down and shake his hand. He's tops.   :thumbsup:

Charlie, you bet, Terry is  tougher than a nickle steak!!, but your a great shot too!!, I knew you was gonna hit that turkey head!!, and did you drill it!!!, after Dean and I had close encounters, you showed us how to do it!!, Dean is also a great shot ( he learned from Mussatto!),when a bow looks that good, it has to shoot good!!!, then there is me and my buddy Lenny, well, we shot too!!!!  Hope we can do it again!!!!!

Charlie Lamb:
Yeah, he tore it up! And he was dressed way nicer than anybody else there. But that long sleeve shirt he had on made me sweat just looking at it and I don't think he shed a drop. I was sweatin like a wait, I was "glistening". Yeah, that's it! Glistening like a pig!!

Here in Hooterville, GLOW, is a synonyn for SMELL! lol lol, SORRY Charlie, can't help myself!  

Indiana Jones:
:eek:  Did someone say Hooterville   :eek:    :D    :D  



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