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Member Participation UPDATE.....

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All the vid clips in the Member Videos forum will work with almost any version of Windows Media Player - and you can download a Media Player version for your specific MS operating system directly from Microsoft  HERE .

If you set Windows Media Player as your default application for viewing videos in all formats (WMF, AVI, MPG, MPEG, MOV, ASF, etc.), it will automatically open and play the vid clip when you click on the vid clip link.

You can also right mouse click on a vid clip link, and save it to your computer ("Save Target As...").

Trad Gang is geared specifically towards Microsoft Windows operating system users - Apple/Mac users may experience problems with videos.

Thanks a lot guys.  I am using windows media player.  I'll try the downloading trick and the settings for the file types.    :thumbsup:  

Carl Mathias


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