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Terry Green:
Most important....Trad is Member Oriented.  That was/is the main goal of Trad since its inception.  We wanted to create an environment that you guys could freely participate in.  This place is all about you guys.  For those that want to learn, and those that want to help, and most of us get to do both.  I hope any of you that have the talent, or desire, to contribute will do so.  Your contributions are valuable to the sport we hold dear.  That is what Trad Gang is all about.

We have added a few venues since my last post about member participation a month and a half ago. Since then we have been graced with numerous timeless hunting stories in the "Stories/Articles" forum, and several valuable "How To" submisions. The Trading Blanket has exploaded, and we delete 5 to 10 a day it seems.  The Member Videos forum is a hoot, with the likes of Rusty, Dean, and Mussatto.  I look for many more great shorts in the future as the seasons begin to open up.  The ATHA forum us up and running.  If you are an ATHA member, please email us so we can give you access to post.  If you are not a member, you are welcome to read at your convenience, and find out what ATHA is about, and what ATHA is trying to achieve. The Comptons forum will hopefully open soon.

HIGHLIGHTS 2003 is also a new forum since my last post, as is the Prayers/Concerns forum.  

I'd like to take an opportunity to update the members of what all has taken place, and what all we have to offer. We have a lot more members here now as well, that may not have read the old thread way back on page X.

POW WOW : The 'Base camp' for discussion. All general topics of Traditional Bowhunting to be centered here. Specific topics will posted on specific forums noted below. This is a "member direct" forum.

DANGEROUS GAME : *Specific* Topics related to the pursuit of dangerous game are to be entered here. This is a "member direct" forum.

TRAD ARCHERY EVENTS : *Specific* This is "member direct" driven, so you can posts about any Traditional Archery Event. All shoot threads will be designated to this forum.

HOW TO : Please email me any link that you feel would be beneficial to other members on how to projects. If you don't have a link, then email me a written composure, and we'll post it for you. This is a read only forum.

ARTICLES/STORIES : If you have any articles/stories that can be linked, then email them to me. Feel free to write about one, or more, of your hunts and email me if they are not linked. This is a read only forum.

VENDOR'S LINKS : If you know of a Traditional vendor that is worthy of praise, you may email and advise us of possibly adding them to the list. Please only notify us AFTER said vendor has visited the site, and would like to be added. We will consider said vendor, and contact them for permission to be added if we feel they would be a benefit to the list. This is a read only/transport forum, for direct linkage to the vendor of your choice.

RECIPES : *Specific* Once again, this is "member direct" driven, so feel free to go and post those yummy delights.

KID'S TEEPEE : The Younguns play ground. Share pics, equipment, and chat with other youngsters about trad archery. This is a "member direct" forum.

TRADING BLANKET : Buy, swap, or trade classifieds. This is a "member direct" forum.

TRADITIONAL CLUBS : This is a "member direct" forum to provide a list of traditional clubs world wide. Feel free to list your club here, and provide any information pertaining. A great way to let the word out to new comers, or shooters that may have moved.

GIVING IS TRADITIONAL : This is a read only. If you know of such an organization that would be worth of listing, please do so. If you know of a benefit shoot, raffle, or general donation to a worthy cause, please email them to us directly.

TRAD COLLECTOR : *Specific* This forum is dedicated to the collectors of traditional archery equipment, and is "member direct". Feel free to discuss bows, arrows, broadheads, etc., etc.

MEMBER VIDEOS : Feel free to email us if you would like to submit a video for this forum. Please email Admin. This forum is going to be FUN!!!

We have a few more forums that we are chatting about, and we will add them when and if they come to pass. If you have an idea for a forum, or anything unique to add, please email me. I can't guarantee anything, but we will welcome the suggestion.

Thanks, and have FUN!!!

Terry Green:
I forgot to add, in addition to the forums added, we also have a Trad Gang Screen Saver available full of trad photos, and Trad Gang Hats in stock.  T-Shirts are in the works.

The T-Shirts will be moss green, and feature Trad on the front, much larger on the back, and the phrase. "The Cyber Camp of Traditional Bowhunters".

Terry? one quick question here...what does

"IYFI Bowhunter" mean?  :saywhat:  


Kurt in Memphis:
Thanks Calvin, I wondered about that, too.  :confused:

Mike aka bowjunkie:
Kudos on a great forum and medium for us to gather.  Oh yeah....Calvin...I wondered about that too   ;)


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