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New Northern Mist model - Ramer


Steve Turay has received many requests for a reverse handle Shelton/string follow Whisper. About a week before the Baltimore shoot he called me about a TD Shelton I had ordered and I asked again about the potential of a string follow reverse handle design. I mentioned I would buy it no matter how it turned out. Well he built it and it is called the Ramer.

Steve took it to Baltimore and many NM fans got to try it out. All positive feedback. I had to wait in line Sat morning to try it and then leave the bow until Steve delivered it on Tues. It is everything you would expect from a Northern Mist ASL. Super smooth draw, scary quiet and it hits right where you point it. Steve's ability and experience really show when a prototype is a winner.

As you can see from the pics the limb profile is the same as the Sheltons. Top to bottom - a 68in Silver Whisper, 66in Ramer, 66in Shelton, 68in Shelton. Steve is accepting orders...




Beautiful! I have a Baraga and am waiting on a Superior that I purchased here. Looks like I might have something else to try.

Sam McMichael:
Here we go again! I just got my second Shelton in March, and now you have me contemplating another NM.

Nice, Steve makes a sweet shooting bow. Classic, Retro and Shelton are go to bows, here.

So you're the guy I need to thank for talking him into it. I have a RAMER and love it.
Thanks brother!
Steve does AMAZING work. LOVE his stuff. He's a true American gem!!


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