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Bobby Brown Park archery range


Didn’t know if anyone is near B.B. park near Elberton Ga. a fellow was telling me they had a 3D and practice archery range. I looked it up, they have 20 3D targets. Cost $7 to shoot and $3 to get in the park. I sometimes camp at Calhoun Falls, probably make a trip to B.B. from there. 
 Have camped at B.B. years ago when they used to have the Southeastern Championship in Elberton. Remember it as being pretty nice, I believe the county took it over and made some improvements.

I went down to Bobby Brown last week to check out the camp ground and of course took my bow along to check out the archery range. They have a great setup there. The guy at the park office said they had a guy come by every so often to move the targets.  Really a great setup with the practice range and the 3D range.  3D was obviously set up for compound shooters but there were closer stakes that I shot from. There were elk, deer, wolf, hog, warthog ,coyote and an alligator target. 20 3D targets in all. Well worth the $10 to shoot there.


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