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Author Topic: Dad had non-hodgkins lymphoma  (Read 4507 times)

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Re: Dad had non-hodgkins lymphoma
« Reply #40 on: November 24, 2006, 07:28:00 PM »
Steve, I would like to pray for you guys.

My Father, this family has been through so, so much, please give them strength and peace that can only be given by your wonderous love O Lord. Father, let your will be done and give them comfort as you wrap your arms around them and hold them with your love. Give them rest Lord. Lord, give them the strength so they will not say "Lord, deliver us from this hour of pain" instead O God, give them strength to say "O Lord, may your name be glorified Father!" Thank you Lord for allowing us to come to you and seek your face even with our weaknessess. Lord we Love you. Amen.

Steve, I hope this prayer becomes real for you and your family. Thank you for posting. HH

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