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PowWow / Re: Trad clubs in Massachusetts?
« Last post by Tajue17 on Today at 04:20:22 PM »
I was going to say there isn't any anymore but I guess Bay path archers so thats cool.    other than that most of the stickbow shooters meet at the local 3d theres quite a few now,, its called Tri-County archery league. theres a few I meet up with to shoot stumps and aerials or whatever ideas we come up with,, hunting wise its not bad  you can easily fill all your tags which is unlimited doe tags in some zones.     I'm down on the south shore in Zone 11 PM me if you have any questions..
PowWow / Re: Glove to tab struggles
« Last post by Terry Green on Today at 04:13:30 PM »
To the person that left and emailed me on account of "I'm a pinker in the backbyard" sorry, this is a bowhunting forum.

I can't and won't cater to the world.
Best build aling I saw was before the Bowyers Bench.  Look in the how to forum for J.D. Jones static bamboo backed recurve.
PowWow / Re: Glove to tab struggles
« Last post by Terry Green on Today at 03:17:40 PM »
Yes, I know, I killed too many animals with 4 fletch.... and WAY too many with 5 inch!!!  And I killed way too many with a glove!!!

OMG..... I'm an outcast!!  :biglaugh:
PowWow / Re: Shooting in the dark, or very low light
« Last post by Terry Green on Today at 03:08:50 PM »
Based on recent events, I am going to do something and have my wife film It this week.

I will also be posting on YouTube. So people can comment negatively that it's fake when in fact it won't pay I love it.
PowWow / Re: Tradgang reboot immediately
« Last post by Terry Green on Today at 03:06:47 PM »
It looks like Rob and company did something. Can you please chime in and let us know if things are running smoothly
The Bowyer's Bench / Re: Bigfoot-----------bows??
« Last post by Kirkll on Today at 02:26:43 PM »
Now that the herd is scattered a bit, it going to be more difficult getting around them, but judging by the direction most were walking, I’m betting they will eventually move north again back to that main trail I followed getting down here. The meadow funneled down quite a bit at one point and could be a good spot for an ambush…. But I’m seriously considering just going the other direction after the bull and try to get him to come back and fight…. Damn… What to do here?.... Too many eyeballs out there to cross that opening going after the bull without being spotted, so I turned back up the trail and hot footed it back the way I had come trying to get back to the narrows before the herd arrived.
After getting around the corner , I dropped back down closer to the edge of the flats just above the main trail and started searching for an elevated position 15-20 yards from the trail to set up. The sun was going to come over that ridge soon, and I needed to be tucked back in a shaded spot asap. But…. My time was up as I saw the first bunch of cows coming around the bend in a trot. So I hunkered down beside the first clump of brush next to me, and slipped off my pack. I was in no hurry to nock another arrow , because I had no intention of shooting a cow. But something had spooked these cows….. They we not running, but were definitely in a slow trot with their heads on a swivel and noses in the air. If they wind me at this point, it’s game over…. So I sat frozen with my eyes looking down as they passed my position praying I had enough elevation so the wouldn’t catch my scent. There were about a dozen in this first batch, and a couple of calves too….. Then nothing….

At this point I figured this was going to be as good as it gets, and slipped my grunt tube around into position and wet the reed with my tongue as I positioned it just right. I started out with a deep bull chuckle and paused. Then a series of cow calls….. The dead silence that follows those first calls is maddening…. I’m always temped to bugle again. But I know better…. After 5 minutes I started the cow calling again, and got some responses above me now… Damn! That first batch of cows had circled back on a trail above me, and now the main portion of the herd was cautiously rounding the bend below me. So I thought I’d try a young bull squealy call next…. Nothing fancy, or long and drawn out…. Just a squeal or two with no chuckles…. THAT did the trick right there… There was another bugle above me, and a second one behind the main herd. Hard telling the size of these bulls from their sound, but they were not the big bull…. Then they started bugling back and forth and the main herd picked up the pace heading towards me…. It was time to nock an arrow and see how this plays out. As the herd came onto the main trail in single file past me I was watching the rear of the column looking for horns, and sure enough, two small forks and a spike were bringing up the rear. But they looked too young to be a threat to a herd bull. Those big boys will often let the little ones hang on the outer part of the herd untouched, and they were not making any noise back there. There was a different bull screaming somewhere else back there that I couldn’t see, but he sounded fairly close.  So here I set right in the middle of all these elk with two bulls bugling I cant see, So I figured I might as well get in on the action and I bugled again myself just as that herd passed me with a deep full bugle of a mature bull. I could still see the two young bulls at the back of the column, and they freaked out and bolted away from me….. But it really got things going now… I could here the bull above me thrashing trees, but couldn’t see movement, but finally the other bull showed himself coming up the same trail in a trot after the herd….. Nice looking animal in the 1000-1200 pound range with the ragged looking horns of a fighter. He had one tip broken off one side of his rack leaving a jagged edge that looked lethal. The other side had 5 points that were not symmetrical at all…. Scary looking bull to be honest….  As he approached about 35 yards, I chuckled at him a few times and gave another short squeal….. He stopped dead in his tracks and just screamed out a nasty bugle that echoed down the canyon walls… I’m talking very loud!  THIS was a serious challenge here….. The bull above me came crashing down through the brush in a dead run passing by me no more than 15 yards to my left…. Absolutely beautiful 4X4 with very long tines polished white at the tips. His body size was pretty close to the raging bull on the trail, and wasn’t intimidated in the least….. The rag horn came charging up the trail and when those two bulls locked horns it was like two freight trains colliding about 25 yards in front of me…. Once again…. My soul for a video camera set up right then.
Watching two bull elk fight is an incredible experience. But to have them so close and hear their grunts , the grinding of their horns, and smell their musk was beyond anything you can imagine without being there yourself. This was brutal!
After a couple minutes of thrashing back and forth everything came to a sudden stand still as the far off sound of that monster bull bugled…. Both bulls I was watching disentangled their horns, stopped dead and turned their heads in the same direction and just stood there a moment….. Then the 4x4 spun like a top and headed back up the hill behind me, while the older fighter with the battle scared body and horns turned his back on me, and screamed a challenging bugle to the incoming monster bull…..

To be continued……
PowWow / Re: Tradgang reboot immediately
« Last post by Terry Green on Today at 02:21:23 PM »
It looks like Rob and company did something. Can you please chime in and let us know if things are running smoothly?
PowWow / Re: Yes, border out
« Last post by Terry Green on Today at 02:10:00 PM »
Pickerwood, you have not killed anything that was  posted on this site since two thousand and five...yes 2005. Now what else would you like to add other that you set up and shot thst antelope over a water hole? No hunting involved...
PowWow / Re: Yes, border out
« Last post by Peckerwood on Today at 02:07:25 PM »
I know this won't change things but I am tired of the tribalism on this site. There are  lot of great guys on this site  that left because of  Terry Green show. I know ths post will be pulled because others will see it and that's ok , I know one person will see it .

Peckerwood OUT  :readit:
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