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Air Travel with a Trad Bow question?


TC Freeman:
I’m new to traditional archery, I made my first Bamboo backed IPE Bow last October and it delaminated on me when I went on a trip in May. I think it was partly due to using rosewood as a powerlam, and not roughing it up enough before the glue up, as well as leaving it in the truck during the day (temps where in the 80s). This leads to my real question I plan on taking my takedown bow that I am building right now on a few trips where I will be flying commercial airlines and wondered what cases you recommend also are there any tricks to keep the laminates from delaminating due to heat. My take down limbs are made from 3 laminations Hickory back, maple core, and IPE belly. I attached a photo of what the delamination looks like from my first bow.


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