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New York Season


How's everyone doing and what are you seeing up north?
Shick in Pa.

Only saw 1 doe so far. It's been pretty warm here so not much moving. 1 small scrape. Heading for the Adirondack mountains this weekend.  Hopefully cooler there. Have you seen much in PA?

Ron, I've only been out one day.  No sightings, but plenty of sign;  temps are to drop the next 5 days with a little rain pm friday and saturday.  I've had a dumpster at the house all week, and that was priority.  We managed to fill it about 95% and it gets picked up tomorrow.  Time to think about hunting.  I should be heading up to the Bath area the beginning of Nov.  Good luck and stay well.
Shick in Pa.

Hmmm?? Just saw this!!! This house has been kinda quiet lately....

Nothing yet, but I've been out there!! Cooler weather should heat things up....  :pray:

Good Luck Boys!!! Shoot straight!!  :archer:

This morning was my seventh time out . I have been seeing deer regularly but haven’t had an opportunity as of yet. Best is yet to come. Nice to see some action on the ny page. Best of luck and stay safe.


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