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TGMM Youth bow giveaway January 23

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Mike Mecredy:
Hello all, the drawing day is January 23 in the PM.  Sign up a kid in your life to win a 48" Maddog Pup long bow, and arrows to got with it, made by legendary arrow smith and master fletcher, Bud B. The rules are to post pictures on the Pow wow of the winner and her/his prize, preferably using it.  And as always, when the gear is out grown, pass it along to somebody who could use it.

Check back here on Jan 23 in the PM,  If you won, give me a message, a call, or an e-mail to let me know where to send it and the dexterity

Good luck and happy new year.

I'd like to enter for my Grandson Eric (Lefty). Thanks for doing this!

My nephew Bennet please! Thanks mike.

V I Archer:
I'll throw in for my boy Desmond.

Thanks so much Mike, incredible generosity in this community.

Third times a charm. Let's get Maxwell (5) in for another try. Thanks again.


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