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Chistmas Youth bow giveaway Dec 15.

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Mike Mecredy:
The TGMM will giveaway youth bow and some arrows on Dec 15, the drawing will be in the PM on the 15th, and the standard rules of post a picture in the pow wow with the winner in action with her/his winnings, and be sure and pass the bow along when it's out grown, to another kid that loves archery, or soon will. 

NEW RULE THIS TIME!!!!  (this is important)

Be sure to check the results soon after the drawing, and contact me via private message, or call me, or e-mail me, all that contact stuff can be found by clicking the link in my signature block on this message.  I'm literally the easiest person in the world to reach (sometimes). This way, I can be sure and get the bow sent to the winner in a timely manner, the USPS is crazy this time of year. 

Merry Christmas to all and to all good luck. 

I'm in for my daughter Elora

Thank you!

Please add my 3 youngest daughters, Miriam (6), Ruth (8), and Lydia (11)!

Thank you guys!

Bob T.:
 Thanks again for doing this for the young ones. Please enter my 8 yr old Granddaughter Lilly, 10yr old grandson Kevin, 8 yr. old granddaughter Audrey.  :clapper: :clapper:

Im in for Skiff, Frankie, Marnie, Jack, Leo, Nettie, Lucy and Ben... thank you Mike


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