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TGMM Youth bow Giveaway October 6

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Mike Mecredy:
Sign up to win a youth bow and arrows to give to your kid, your grand kid, your niece or nephew, etc, etc... the drawing will be on October 6 in the PM and will be announced then.  Whom ever wins is asked to share pictures of the winners using their bow on the pow wow, and must agree to never sell it, but pass it along to another once the winner out grows it.   Good luck.  If enough sign up we may draw two names.   

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Jon Stewart:
Grandson Josias age 5.

I'll jump in for my grandson Wes (6yo). And his little sister Zoe is three years behind him. Very generous of you. Thanks.

Darci turns 9 in October and she would love the chance in winning one . Thanks and please put her in .


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