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Planning to hunt Cape Buffalo, any advices on guides?

Dare to Bowhunt!

I'm heading out in a couple weeks to chase buffalo with Lammie and crew with my longbow. I've been with Lammie on 3 other hunts (plains game) and it would take an act of congress to get me to go with anyone else. They are a 100% Bow Only operation (very few of those over there) and Lammie is a traditional archer himself, which is even harder to find! He really knows what all it takes for a trad hunter to be successful as possible. Other tradgang member Tim King shot a big bull with him last year.

If you have any questions at all, let me know! Hopefully I'll have a lot more info on the buffalo in a month or so.

David lozzano:
X2 on Lammie from Dare to Bowhunt, hunted with with couple weeks ago and he showed me a few videos from trad buffalo hunts (awesome hunt that I hope to do one day).

X 3 on Lammie...he will tailor a hunt to you regardless the game. He DEFINITELY will stack the odds in your favor, which to me is incredibly important when you are spending that kind of money.

As Shiloh said, Lammie understands the advantages and limitations of trad equipment.

Be glad to answer any questions regardless who you book with

Thanks for the informations, I’ll comeback to you soon


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