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2018 shoots.

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Hey guys. I haven't been on here a lot but dropped in tonight.  Jesse I hope things are going well for you.  Kevin, I plan on being at Western States. I hope to get there on Thursday to help with any set up that needs doing.  I will have my wall tent set up, so look me up.  I was at the ITB New Meadows shoot last July and I believe that I had the only wall tent.  I have a 2001 light brown Ford F150 so I hope we can meet up.  No planned Spring hunts for me.  Turkeys are a draw down here and very limited.  If I get a chance to sneak up in the Sawtooths, I may look for a bear.

Hey Ray, I'll definitely look you up when we get there.  I'll be driving a 2017 grey chevy Silverado towing my little Coleman camper. Probly be there noonish on Friday.  I think my wife's more excited than I.
 I see on may 12th , ITB is having a clean up party at new Meadows. I'd go help but it's a 4 hr ish ride from here. 

 By the way, Turkey has been slow here.  I've seen a few hens but that's been it.
 I like to spot n stalk the birds, can't seem to sit in a blind all day anymore.
 Just have to keep trying I guess

Kevin, keep on the turkeys.  Persistence will pay off, I hope.  I have so much going on with work, I don't see going up in the mountains for Spring bear.
I will have to have you tell me your adventures.

I will try to be set up in the trees on the North side of the meadow.  Campers set up all around the meadow and on the edge of the tree line.  It is a primitive
space but driveable.  The old barn at the top of the meadow is usually where headquarters is located for sign ups, side shoot registrations and general BSville.
The officers are usually camped up in that area if you need to ask any questions.

Does your wife shoot?  There are usually a good amount of ladies shooting.  I am glad she is excited.  The target trails on this property are nice.  Some seem like
chip shots but deceiving.  Others are up or down hill in the timber, much like hunting.  I had a fun time there last July and only lost 2 arrows but found some other
peoples arrows looking for mine.  I am looking forward to getting into camp and away from work.  See ya there!

My wife shoots some, she's more excited to go camping I think. 
 Looking forward to it.  See ya there


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