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A different kind of highlight!

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There was a post over in Pow wow about an article in the SC Wildlife magazine on Owen Jeffery. I had not been over there in a while and since I was working in that area late today, I stopped in to see him and Tom.

When I went in Owen was holding a picture of a big hog he killed a few years back. I looked at him and "jokingly" asked him why he was admiring that picture. He stated with the normal Owen Jeffery smile on his face, "because I can!" I busted out laughing.

Yep, I twisted his arm and got him to sign it for me! He is a humble Icon of the archery industry!!!

My highlight for the week!

Who would not be proud of this hog!


My other autographed highlight that he signed for me over 15 years ago!


Cool deal!!!!


joe ashton:


a cool picture and pretty cool that he signed it for you. He sounds like one of the good guys,

Awesome !


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