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Success in Illinois, Hill style

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I had a good hunt in Illinois, Nov 7 I was lucky to have this 5 yr old walk by and shot him at 27 yds with a 50# Northern Mist Classic, 170 Kodiak SB broadhead, and an instinctive shot that I don't remember taking... 4:20 in the afternoon.  Mainframe 10, 2 identical kickers off the bases, and another off the base.  I roughed him at 150".  I'm not into the scoring thing, but I was asked a bunch of times..

He only went about 35 yards total.  After the shot, he went about 15 yds and stopped for 30 seconds to look around. He never knew what hit him. I left him overnight(until 3 AM because I couldn't wait any longer), but had I seen this blood trail, I would have just tracked him down...

I knew the hit was forward a bit, and that's why I waited. Here's a pic of the hit. I took him through the shoulder, and the broadhead stuck in the opposite shoulder.  550 gr total weight tapered cedar arrow.

Sweet! Congrats man. Fine buck!

Josh Perdue:
Congrats, nice buck, what broadhead you shooting and where was the hit? Thats a sweet blood trail.

Good shooting  ...fine buck!!!

Wow! What a stud!

Congrats on a fine buck.



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