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Critter night! Fox and the squirrel.

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No deer the other night but sometimes success is measured not by achieving what you are after.



The squirrel was fooling around under my tree and asking for it then about 30 minutes later the fox came hunting down the fence row. I squeaked with my lips and he stopped to investigate a moment too long. At 15 yards the grizzly ripped through him and he took off on a mad dash. At about 40 yards I watched him do a barrel roll and it was over.

Nice shooting TJ!

bowhawk archer:
Congrats.  I've always wanted to take a fox with my bow, but have never had the chance.

Looks like two great shots! Congrats TJ. This year marks my 17th season and I've never had a shot oppertunity at a fox. Thats awsome!  :thumbsup:

Great shootin' Tom!  

I would love to get a grey fox to go with my 2 red fox mounts!


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