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Michael Arnette:
I am posting this early to releave some of you from what I call PGSS (post gun season syndrome)

This results when the hard core traditional bowhunter begins to hear gun shot after gunshot and slips into varied levels of depression, thinking he has lost all chance of a memorable season...
If you are feeling the effects of this, get out in the woods and enjoy yourself, it can be rewarding as well as exciting, (not to mention dangerous at times). Don't forget your blaze orange! Never was my color:(

November 17th
25 yards
Talltines 69# @ 29
Muzzy Phantom 220Gr. w/ GT Traditional


Video Number 2,sorry they are out of order (video one below)

Michael Arnette:
Video Number 1

Michael Arnette:
Ok, for the story:

So I have been hunting mostly in November starting during our muzzleloader season here in Oklahoma which opens the fourth weekend in October and runs through the first weekend in November. I have seen more mature deer (this would be 125+ for me) this year than the last several years put together, and have had several close calls with some real bruisers. One of these close encounters happened the morning before I took this one, so I was pumped when I got into the stand on opening day of our modern gun season the morning of the 17th.

The morning went by without a single deer sighting, (I heard lots of gunshots though) this was out of the norm for this stand. Then at about 9:30 out of no where this guy comes trotting speedily onto the scene out of the brush and is crossing broadside in the brush at a fast pace at about 25 yards, I can't remember if I grunted to stop him or not, but he didn't stop! I drew while he was clocking and made a nervous shot...which turned out to be perfectly placed:)
He ran about 40 yards and stopped for a few seconds, then piled up within site.

He wasn't one of the big guys I had seen earlier but I am very happy with him. And very happy to see so many mature bucks this year in this part of Oklahoma.

I had a chance at him earlier in the year but he came in and crossed the trial I had used coming into the stand and bolted as soon as he hit the trail, kicked myself because I knew better than to enter from that direction and the wind was perfect, but glad I got him later.

Big Ed:

Very nice!


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