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my trad journey continues,more success

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This has been the most incredble season for me,not the most animals harvested,but i committed to traditional only this year.A hard but very enjoyable seems everytime I go out my time spent a field means more than it ever has,last night last light I took my third trad deer this year.It ment even more do to the fact that this was our states last Sunday bow hunt,and that was a hard fight as well.i just wanted to say thanks to trad gang for all the posts.I know I dont post that much but i read every post , thank you trad gang,and also i cant forget Raineman,jim thanks for the string and motivation this year,with everything...I will post picts later.

Well done sir , get that pic up so I can see it , Congrats again.........

picts will be up soon,thanks....I am finally fulfilling a dream ,feeding my family with trad gear,long story I need to post....soon

Congrats, to you my friend!!!

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