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Lil Johnny Forge and blade forging demo

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Steve Nuckels:
Very nice video, and I like the dialect!  You did in 20 min what takes me 120 min.

Cool little forge too!


Potomac Forge

Great video Lin. thanks a bunch for taking the time to make and post that.  I was a little surprised to see you using the flat face of your hammer held/swung at an angle to draw out the tang rather than the cross peen end.  Looked like it works great for that, really drew it right out.

Lin Rhea:
         The hammer I used was an old Ball Pien that I flattened to make it a straight pien.

But, I did use the straight pien to draw with. It might be hard to see when I spin it around, but I change it around a lot. Lin

Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing. Every lit bit helps, and actually being able to see it being done, helps tremendously.

Thanks for the great video Lin.


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