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Hey so after posting my first post i realized there arent many WA archers. If anyone is still here lets get to talking! We could make plans to meet eachother

Hello all, from spokane washington. Im a new memeber to the trad gang and i recently purchased a handmade longbow and i was just wondering if there are any traditional archers here in spokane? I would love to meet up with some people and pick your brains and meet new people of course.

I am eventually going to start making my own traditional bows, of all kinds so if i could find people to mingle with that would be awesome.

There are a number of archery clubs in your area. Evergreen in Spokane and many more in Idaho. The WSAA (Washington State Archery Ass.) is having their annual meeting this weekend in Kennewick. You may also want to join or look on these sites; Trad Gang and Archery Talk. Good luck.


Nice thank you much!

Oldman Rick:
there is also a traditional statewide organization, traditional bowhunters of Washington, that puts on 2 shoots a year and a bowbuilding gathering called WAJAM. first shoot is the moses lake rock shoot 2 hours west of you in april.


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