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2015 Rendezvous at Elkhaven

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Oldman Rick:
the Rendezvous is a week away and this will be the first year in the Elkhaven equestrian center site.
Lots of grass, trees & great terrain for challangeing courses.  On Saturday, the Viking shoot, a cheese & sausage shoot for adults and kids and on sunday a Blanket shoot.  the event & courses open Friday morning.

see you all on Saturday ...

Elkken, look me up. I will be there all weekend.

will do Chris ….

What a great shoot … I had more fun talking with TBW folks than shooting, but the venue was excellent and it was sooo much fun reconnecting with old friends of my hunting past.

Many thanks to Rick and all the rest who put all their sweat and dedication into making this event happen. Next year i will make myself available to share the burden   :thumbsup:


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