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How to Join WTA


Join us at Wisconsin Traditional Archers is easy. Simply follow this link and you can do it all online using either a PayPal account or any Mastercard or VISA.  

If you would prefer to pay by regular mail send it to:
Michael Theis
W9188 Wilderness Place
Cambridge, WI 53523  

Simply send your payment based on the schedule below and include your name, address, phone, and e-mail address along with your check.
Single One Year -   $25.00        
Single Three Year-  $55.00        
Family One Year -   $35.00      
Family Three Year - $75.00        
Single Life  -     $400.00        
Family Life  -     $500.00        

If you have any questions contact me by e-mail or private message.

Kevin Winkler:
Joe, Thanks for getting this updated

Does hanging out at Baumgartners fit into the membership in any way??  LOL


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