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Welcome to the WTA Forum!

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Thanks to Terry Green our WTA Trad Gang forum is up and running!  We will try to use this as another form of communicating with our membership about up and coming activities of the club.  
I hope to see WTA members stopping in frequently, and if you have anything to share be sure to jump in!

Congrats Whip.  Is this forum for WTA only?

Kevin Bahr:
Hello fellow Cheeseheads, from a transplanted F.I.B...
Mount Horeb, that brings back memories...we played you guys in sports in high school.  I went to Black Hawk HS, lived in Gratiot.  
Welcome to the Tradgang!

I think this forum was a great idea. I am a new member of WTA, and I look forward to this new forum.

This forum is set up for Wisconsin Traditional Archers to use to get our information out, but I'm sure everyone is welcome!  Naturally, we'd love to also have you join as a member of WTA.  I will start a seperate thread to give information about our memberships and how to join if you are interested.


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