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Snap shooting vs anchor point

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I found by accident that if I draw and release with a floating anchor that my accuracy increases, when I anchor at the corner of my mouth my consistency decreases noticably. Why would this be? you would think that a set point each time would ensure more consistent results right?
What is the opinion out there and what do you use?

I am exactly the opposite. If I hold at anchor 2 or 3 seconds I shoot much better.

Tom Leemans:
By floating you mean.....?

If your anchor is inconsistent, your accuracy should be too.

Just curious, when coming to full anchor (corner of mouth), are you straining at all?

I know where Tom is headed and I think he may be right. Being able to draw a certain weight bow isn't the same as being able to shoot it. Sounds like you may be a little overbowed if you're getting those results.

I firmly believe that one should be able to acheive the same result no matter how long the hold (within reason, of course). If you cannot, then you are not in full control of your shot IMO.


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