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Wind deflection on arrows

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Aaron Proffitt:
I was out shooting today and noticed that none of my arrows flew consistently. I checked my brace, nock point, and looked at all my arrows carefully. Everything was in order so I went back to shooting. Same thing...some arrows flew perfect, others not so much. Alotta kicking around.
  Then I began to reason that shooting 5 1/2" high profile feathers in winds ranging around 22 mph to gusts around 30 probably has alot to do with it. Would I be correct ?. Anybody else have this prob. ?

James Wrenn:
Wind will have a big effect on arrows.Big feathers make it even more so as does fat light weight shafts.Heavy skinny shafts with smaller feathers will still drift a lot if the range is far.

Aaron Proffitt:
Thanks, James. FYI, I noticed it the most obviously at 30+ yards . Makes sense I know. Just looked like my bow was completely outta whack and my arrows were spined no where near what I needed. Oh yeah, 5 1/2" high profiles on cedar shafts. Think that'd make it even worse ?

James Wrenn:
Yeah there is a lot there to catch the wind.I have been at 3ds where the wind got up and on a longer shot in the open the arrows were almost blown downwind. :)A heavy foc wags a lot but seems to still hit closer to where you want in bad wind than one with a light point on the front.The best thing if hunting when the wind is up is to try to keep the shots close when possible.On targets we can live with a few 5s when having fun.  :)

Aaron Proffitt:
Phhheeewww!   :)   Was thinking "Great back to the tuning drawing board!!   :mad:   "
  Makes alot more sense then. 'Specially since I'm only shooting 125 grains at the front .
  Thanks , James.


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