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Taking my shooting to the next level?

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I seem to be stuck in a rut! My shooting improved alot early this year but lately i seem to be stuck. I'm not getting worse but i seem to have hit a plateau. I still have the ocasional shot where i drop my arm or pluck the string, though this is not very often. Anyone have any tips on what to do to reach the next level? I'm all out of ideas!  :knothead:

sweet old bill:
Chad it seems we all go thru these days when you have good form and the arrow still do not go were you want. I shot a 3D yesterday and had the best shooting in years and still lost 2 carbon arrows on deer that were about 32 yards away. But I still think the more you shoot a light weight bow for practice in form the better you will get to be. I keep telling myself to keep that bow arm up till you see the arrow hit the target or deer. Now I sure do not have any suggestions on the release, I get most good ones, but sometimes it seems I sure do not lock into a good ancor and let the string just roll off the fingers. I use a deep hook and that has helped me, I also use a kant pinch tab. I try to shoot daily about 20 arrows and try to make each one a perfect shot. I do think that traditional is a lot of form over head lets see what some of the good shooters have to say, I consider myself a poor to fair only shooter.

Improve your company when shooting 3d's.  Your spending way too much time looking for my arrows.   :bigsmyl:

I keep lookin for that next step myself LOL Actually I'm thinkin(scary) it's probably gonna come in the form(no pun inteneded LOL) of blank bail shooting which I find boring as heck.I know I need to do it but really like shooting "at" things.

Been in a bit of a slump lately hopefully some good tips will pop up here,somethin to take the bore outta shootin the bail would be nice since thats where I think the next step is gonna come from...

Throw in some roving, shooting dandelions, cactus pads, and be sure to have relaxing shooting.

When I am trying too hard, I get all tight, and get stuck. Then, i just swing up and shoot, or walk away from the target, turn, draw and shoot naturally and instinctively.

Amazingly, this ofen gives me my best accuracy. Like dead center on the tennis ball at 25 yards, or the little black center of the target face! Happens most when I do this no-stress just shoot it test. Shows me what the next level feels like. What to make consistent.

This weekend, after a frustrating day trying too hard, I rested, then went out and did the turn and shoot, to get the feel. Nocked an arrow, and carried two in the bowhand, so i didn't have my best grip. 15 yards, 1" from tennis ball. 20 yards, grazed it. 25 yards - dead centered the ball. Hooo! I said, that's what I'm after.

Went back with the 58# Tomahawk and the 70# Wesley, and put 6 arrows each in and touching the tennis ball at 20 yards. I was shooting loose and natural, pulling through the shot.

That's what works for me. Now, I'm looking to make that consistent, and move to 30 yards.

I think most of us are better shots than we let ourselves be.

Getting to the next level is not a push. it's more like Peter Pan - "Think happy thoughts, and you can fly!" No kiddin'. Top form is relaxed and having fun.


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