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I've seen an enormous amount of threads and articles over the years reguarding target panic. This issue recently stimulated conversation between Charlie Lamb and myself. I had no idea what target panic was and had even less of an idea that Charlie and I had the same outlook on this issue. See, I have always avoided the issue with fear that if I opened and read about it I would be all the more likely to contract this dreaded disease, Target Panic! Then if I had a bad day of shooting as we all do, I'd immediately panic that I'd contracted "Target Panic" even though I'd know deep down that we all have off days and off weeks, etc... In the days of old there was no such thing as "target panic". It did not exist. Like many things, the "disease" was born and all of a sudden everyone had been strickened with this crippling disease. Somehow it never existed until someone mysteriously contracted it, named it, and started transmitting it. Understand, I have no clue what this disease is nor do I wish to know. I have good days and I have bad days of shooting. I cannot hit a target to save my life but I'll shoot the heart out of a critter almost every time. Oh my gosh, maybe I contracted the dreaded disease! Nawwwww, I know deep down that I just don't have a care in the world if I can hit a mark on a hay bale so Im sure my failure to shoot the ring is all in my subconscience lack of desire. If I don't have the concentration to shoot the target, I won't hit what I aim at. My fear these days is that we are spreading this "disease" to others by simply showcasing it. I think this happens because so many archers are looking for the reason they shoot bad and it seems to be an easy diagnosis where the archer is constantly trying to "cure" hisself instead of relaxing, concentrating, and shooting without a thought process. Just be the "Force" Luke!  

Charlie's take was almost exactly as mine on this issue. He said he'd never heard of it so he started reading articles, etc., reguarding this much dreaded disease. Low and behold he immediately contracted it and it took years to overcome this terrible problem. Is this a real issue that existed since the dawn of time or is this really an issue that has been created in the last decade in the minds of men? I'm not quite sure but it seemingly strikes others just by reading about it. It also seems to be one hell of a growing epidemic that I see everywhere I go. I guess I've been really lucky that I've just got bad shooting habbits and not the dreaded "Target Panic". See, without a disease, I have nothing to cure but my inability to hit what I do not truly concentrate on. I suppose the jest of this thread was really to say " what we don't know, sometime is actually the best cure for what we do not already have". Yall beware when preaching about this disease. Seems some of the threads and stories on the cures are actually carriers for this disease. Just a rant, nothing more. Have a good day and watch out for ugly diseases.  CK

That is exactly what Barry Wensel explains in "The Sprit of the Bow".  I have been shooting bows (trad and wheels) for about 25 years now and I don't know what Target panics and I don't want to know what it is.  Writen or practical.

You're entitled to an opinion..

But calling open discussion on a cure/prevention a carrier for the disease and nothing more than a rant is disappointing.  I hope you never experience it and if you do other don't make light of it.


thanks ALOT curtis, now i think i have it just from reading your thread......  :readit:  i never even thought about it til now....thanks alot curtis.......    

Chris, The rant statment was aimed at what "I" said, not others. Also, reread. Im not trying to shed bad light on what you obviously believe is a very real disease. Im saying "what you don't mentally know exists, does not exist"! There was no such thing as Target Panic 30 years ago. Why now does everyone suddenly have it? Whatever it is obviously is mental. Best cure is to free yourself of the mental fear that you have a disease. If you believe strongly enough that the disease exists, you'll certainly contract it. Once you think you have it, then you in turn must believe you have to find some cure to rid yourself of it. See? Stimulate your archery with positive thoughts, not fear of missing. It truly is that simple. CK


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