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Novelty Shoot ideas for Trad Event

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May 13th our club is hosting a traditional only shoot.  This shoot has been cancelled in years past because it wasn't a money maker

Sorry fellas,
I accidently pressed the wrong button before I finished the message.  

Anyhow, does anyone have any good ideas to help make this event successful?  Any ideas besides the 12,10,8,5/3,2,1 scoring system?  Any ideas on novelty shoots besides long dot, survival shoots or moving target?

There are already some negative comments from the majority compound shooters.  I think if we can get 40-50 shooters thats great, but they think otherwise.


Hog Wild:
At Brevard Archers First Trad Only Shoot this weekend, They put a $20 bill on a bale 50yrds away. There was a charge of $1 for 2 arras to try. After everyone shot they moved closer and charged again. This kept up until someone hit the twenty. What did they get? Try the twenty and the entire Pot.

Timed speed shooting at clay birds pinned to a bale.  $1.00  Winner gets half the pot.  Do an am winner and pm winner.  May require you to keep a list of names , times, contact info.

 Spinning Wheel with blown up baloons some baloons have prizes some don't.  $1.oo per shoot.  Have prizes on hand.

Distance shoot  80, 100, 120 yard.  Lots of options,

keep asking lots of things one can do....

fill baloons with helium and tie to long(15-20 yrds)string. set up several at varied distances. Even more fun on windy days(the targets jump around all over the place)....Terry


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