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Some weeks ago I come back from Namibia, second trip hunting with Makalaan Safaris. I was able to connect with a nice impala ram !!

Bow is a Border, 48#, total pass through, two blade Widowmaker broadhead and around 560 grains arrow

I published it in the Dangerous Game forum, so I moved it to the correct place !!

That is a dandy.  Makalaan is a very good outfitter and great people.
I haven't heard anymore from Janie Fleming.  Hope she booked the suprise hunt for her husband.

That is a dandy.  Glad you had a good time with Makalaan Outfitters.  Really nice people.  Haven't heard anymore from Janie.  Hope she booked a hunt for her husband.


Makalaan is a very nice place, tracking with those guys is a lifetime experience

No news from Janie!

Mike Yancey:
Nice ram! i will be back at Sofala in a few weeks.


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