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Terry Green:
I thought this might be a fun and appreciative way to show my admiration to the many Tradgangers that have contributed for years here and been a huge contribution to the site and Trad Bowhunting and are still hanging around.  However, some that have passed on will be listed as well.

This is not a *Bowhunting Award*, but a "Tradgang Award".

There are no set number of years Inductees have had to be here, but more about their contributions made to Tradgang.  They will not be in any sort of number, or order of rank, just as they come to mind or I see them posting.  I will try to add to this list every Monday 3-5 new inductees, this will take a while as there are SO many deserving.  Again, this is not a bowhunting or popularity contest, just a long time contribution recognition of appreciation from me.

However, there will be a #1

Mr Rob DiStefano.

No way would we be here without him so he gets this honor extremely deserving.  I don't have enough words.

I'm also going to go ahead and get these four guys out of the way as I never imagined they would show up on Tradgang.....

Charlie Lamb, Tradgang's original story teller and Grand Traditional Bowhunter.

Ron LaClair, historical longbow figure with timeless content, including poetry.

Gene and Barry Wensel, the best bowhunting twins to ever live.

OK,.... now 3 that have gone on to the heavenly hunting grounds before us.

Bernie Dunn aka ber643, known for his relentless donations year after year on the St Jude Auctions.

Dean Torges, his whit and knowledge were both of equal value, which was extreme.

Chris Surtees, his love of Tradgang was overflowing.

See ya'll next week with a few more.

Terry Green:
Week 2

Ok, again this is not a *bowhunting award*, its a "Tradgang" award from me to those that have contributed immensely here for years in different ways.  And, they are in no particular order, there are a LOT that will be added but I'm going to list them as I think of them or see them post.  I said 3-5 a week, but I'm going to list the mods and ten this week cause it's going to take forever if I don't.

Walt Francis, moderator for years  and countless hours on St Jude.

Roy Painter, moderator for years and putting up with me.

Garret Polk, moderator of and countless hours on St Jude.

Corry Mattson, moderator and hog hunting extraordinaire.


General Members....

Jerry Orion Karbon

Kenny McKenzie

Scott 'Friend' Sanders

Jerome 'Bisch' Bischoffberger

Randy rastaman Keene

Ray Lyon

Roger Norris

Sean Bleakley

Ken 'adkmountainken' Mowrey

David Edwin Mitchell

Those that have gone on......

John Rook, the bowhunter that went blind and actually had someone read Tradgang to him.

Mark 'BOWMARKS' Sharpe, although handicapped, he showed love for the chase on Tradgang constantly.

Chad Holm, great guy, great bowyer, great human.

Many thanks to those mentioned and those to be mentioned as you guys are corner stones of Tradgang  :campfire:

Terry Green:
Week 3....

Chuck Nelson aka woodchucker

Patrick Kelly aka pdk25

Michael Horstman aka wudstix

Richard Frassetto aka frassettor

Ben Maher

Feliciano Dazza aka cacciatore

Pat Brennan aka Pat B

Roy A. Grimes aka Bpwwild

Kathryn M. Collister aka Killdeer

Gery Katalinich aka katman

Terry Green:
Week 4

Jeffrey Springer aka tippit
Keith A. Callahan aka Keefer

Jake Barboza aka Over&Under

Samuel McMichael

Howard Barnard aka Possum Head

Dale Kuder aka Pine

Wayne Nicol aka fugimo

Rick Stillman ala Fletcher

David Lawson aka Snag

Matt Meachum aka Overspined

Terry Green:
Week 5

Denny Sturgis Jr - Moderator and works promoting Tradgang to potential Sponsors.

Charles Blaylock aka Bud B

David McReynolds aka McDave

Charlie Pearsall aka Stumpkiller

Damon Wood aka wooddamon1

John Sweka aka jsweka

James Nauert aka Stone Knife

Shaun Webb

Eric Westbrook

Donald Moffatt II aka Bonbuster


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