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With the Covid issue still going on, it is difficult to travel to anywhere in Africa to hunt.  However, since fewer hunters have been traveling for the past couple years, the animals continue to multiply and grow larger horns.  There are now some great prices for hunting in Africa (Namibia).  Most outfitters have dropped their prices and are looking for more hunters.
I hunted in Namibia, and stay in contact with with my outfitter.  He sent me his new price list and I couldn't believe the great prices.  The cost of some animals have dropped 50% from when I was there.
If you have every thought about hunting in Africa when the travel restrictions drop, I would suggest making the trip while the price are low.

Who did you hunt with?

I hunted with Makalaan Safaris in Namibia.  Most all of his hunters use a bow.  All of his blinds (pit and elevated) are positioned for bow hunters.  His prices have been reduced to attract more bowhunters.  Covid stopped hunting in Africa for a couple years, however the animals continued to multiply.  I took 6 animals in 3 days.  We also toured the parks in Namibia with the outfitter and his wife.  Really nice people.  I have sent 5-6 people to hunt with them and all had a very successful hunt.  Antonie will custom make you a package deal on what ever animals you wish to hunt.  You can check them on the internet.  If I can be of assistance send me a note.

Thank you for the info


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