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PBS 2020 Donation Namibia Hunt Assistance?


I was fortunate to win the auction for a wonderful Namibia Safari with Gert Coetzee for Gemsbok, Duiker, Kudu, etc… at the PBS gathering in Springfield, Missouri before the Pandemic locked us down… I’ve been trying to schedule my safari but last year travel was no way and now it’s Embassy Stage 4 don’t travel. I feel terrible for Gert not being able to be certain… I’m ready to get there ASAP but I surely cannot afford to be locked down in Quarantine for 14 days if something went wrong with COVID… I’m not too concerned for myself and the disease but I cannot be in wiggy land about getting back. Do any of you have recommendations on what to do and a travel agent to work with so I can plan and have insurance to adapt for contingency to next year? Any advice on travel agencies to assist in getting trophies back for taxidermy, etc..?

Thank you all in advance! :pray:  :campfire: :archer2:


I believe I can help you with travel arrangements and agent questions.  I hunted in Namibia a couple years ago with Makalaan Outfitters.  I used an agent for booking but you already have that covered.  However I would highly recommend using the travel agent I used.  She booked the entire trip, including motel rooms.  This is her specialty, making travel arrangements for hunters all over the world.  Please check her website- Express Travel.  She is located in Hamilton Montana and her name is Lori Ginn.  If you have any other questions in regards to packing items and travel tips let me know and I can send you a list of things you will need for the hunt and also for clearing customs.
Email:  [email protected]

Thank you so much for the response! I'll get in touch for more information :campfire:



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