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Equipment for a lady archer - impala & warthog

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My wife and I have started talking to a hunting operation in South Africa. She currently shoots a 40 lb recurve but can easily shoot 45.  They prefer she shoot 50 lb which she can do, but I am concerned about how comfortably she can shoot at 50. 

We would enjoy taking Hill style bows on this trip, but it isn’t an absolute necessity.  Just a strong preference.

So, we would like to hear from some of you with experience hunting impala and warthog. We are very interested in what possible equipment setups you personally recommend for her.

Mike Yancey:
45 would be plenty on Impala for sure. The main thing is it be Fast and QUIET. They are the string jumpingest things on earth. 40 should be fine too, just MAKE sure that the outfit is set up for traditional, many say bow hunt friendly and the water hole is 25 yards from the blind.
The outfit that I hunt with is very traditional and primitive friendly and he prefers them. Look at Sofala Safaris in SA. They have several videos of me shooting things there with a selfbow.
You will love the trip!

Thanks Mike. 

We actually are talking to Sofala for the very reasons you mentioned.  We actually watched your video also.  She is very comfortable shooting 45 lbs although she currently shoots a great northern super ghost at 40 with 485 grain POC shafts.

I think they would just prefer she shoot a little heavier.  Myself, I think she is good to go as is. 

I hunted in Namibia with Makalaan Outfitter.  They also are set up for bow hunting only.  The have pit blinds as well as elevated blinds.  All shots were under 20 yards and lots of game.  Since Covid shut down much of the hunting last year, many of the outfitters are anxious to get hunters back and some are offering very good hunting packages.  You might check them out.  They are really nice people and the hunt was super.  We took a few extra days and they took us around the country and into a couple parks where you could see every animal that is in Africa.

See my story and photos in this Dark Continent heading under "I'm Back"


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