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Wile E. Coyote:
It seems few other African animals create as much controversy as the taking of a zebra. The similarity of its physical form to a horse is I assume at the root of the majority of the aversion some have to shooting a zebra. It has been my experience that this appearance is where the similarity stops. After 3 trips to Africa it has, in my experience, been one of the wariest, most intelligent, and most difficult to hunt and also one of the best table fare of the game I've had the privilege of trying.

I'd like to hear from others, both those who have taken a zebra: as to their experience, and those who refuse to shoot them: as to why. As always this is not intended to incite arguments but to share thoughts and experiences to help each side see the validity of the other.

I would say that on my first safari I was not interested in taking a zebra, but after being around them and seeing they were far from a their tame look alikes , I changed my mind.

Here after multiple safari's is a picture of my hard won Zebra.

Equipment: ACS-CX Longbow (48# at drawlength), Easton Axis Traditional Arrow + Silver Flame XL 150gr. head ( Total arrow weight 450gr)
Shot distance : 15yards  Recovery : 100-125 yards

I agree - I took shot a Zebra in Namibia.  I didn't have plans before the hunt to shoot one, but when I got the chance I sure was not going to pass it up.  The outfitter told me that not many traditional bow hunters got the chance.  As it worked out, I could have shot more later in the week.  It was the first animal I took on the 8 day hunt.  They are NOT a horse and actually are pretty mean when you get time to watch them.  I had mine made into a rug along with my Impala, and Wildebeest.  Everyone that has seen it, likes it better than any of my other rugs, including my grizzly.  I didn't intend on shooting one, but when I got close, I looked at the wife, who was filming for me and told her I wanted a Zebra and she agreed!  If you pass up a shot at a Zebra, you will always be sorry.

The equipment I used was:  Stumbo 70# recurve with gold tip shafts and 100 grain brass inserts plus 200 grain Rocky Mountain Cuthroat broadheads (single bevel).  For a total of 650 grains.  I had complete pass threw shots on most all animals.  Nothing went over 150 yards.  4 of my 6 animals were heart shots.  I took:  Zebra, Impala, Kudu, Gemsbuck, Wildebeest and Worthog.  Having shoulder mounts of the Kudu and Gemsbuck done here in the States.

My photos are posted in "I'm Back" in this Dark Continent site.

Wile E. Coyote:
I enjoyed your story and photos. Congratulations on a Great Safari!


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