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Imported Black Hunter Longbows/Recurves

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David Mitchell:
I have owned a lot of customs, and when I began Jim Casto's TP detox program, I needed a very light draw weight bow so ordered the Galaxy Ember.  I love it and find that usually it is the bow in my hand.  The grip fits me better than any I have had.  The 60" longbow is smooth as can be at my 31" draw.  However, this pig didn't care much for it.  :biglaugh:

Nice pic.
Have any of you used the "calf hair" rest that comes with the Black Hunter longbows/recurves? I know the adhesive qualities are pretty poor, but I have some 3M double sticky stuff that works very well. What I'm wondering is if this "calf hair" looking stuff that comes with the bow is durable and holds up to alot of shooting.

I have the longbow version in 35# and 40#. I didn't care for the palm swell so I spent over a week with the rasp, dremel and sandpaper until I got a good consistent grip on it. Its now almost an exact copy of a Jaeger 2.0 ILF grip. The bow shoots surprisingly fast and stable and I've put SBD skinny string on it. The calf hair and string that come with it are junk so toss those aside.

My wife shoots the 40 lb black hunter LB from "Mandarin Duck" and loves it. My brother ordered the 50 lb version. Fit and finish is really good. performance is really good. My brothers bow with a 550 gr arrow drawn to 29.5" does 180 fps. I have the same draw and I find it starts to stack at after 28"
My brother did have a failure a week ago. The limb tip let go. A chunk of the tip busted off creating a sharp edge which cut the string. I figured he was out of luck because he was past the warranty but he sent a picture and explained what happen and Mandarin Duck sent him a new set of limbs without question.

I have several of them, all longbow limbs from 30# to 44#. Some limbs with maple lams and some with bamboo, can’t tell the difference. Absolutely love the grip, best I’ve had in a long time. Am going to sell all of my recurves and other TD longbows.

Are they the fastest, no but no slouches. Are they smooth and stable, yes among the best. And with that yummy palm swell grip, every shot is the same as the last, smooth, stable, and accurate.

Regarding rest material what comes with it is junk. I use hair rest and shelf plate and make sure the side plate is a thick one. With these handles cut past center I need to bring my arrow out some to hit where I’m looking.


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