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Imported Black Hunter Longbows/Recurves

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David McLendon:
Yes, I have the LB, I also have a Silvertip recurve that I haven't shot in almost a year because of it, that ought to say a little bit about the bow. I filled five of six deer tags this past season, all with the Galaxy Ember, all off the ground. They are ridiculously inexpensive so the risk is small, just buy one and try it, get the bamboo limbs.

I bought one and the limb folded in half right after it was shot for the first time.  Junk as far as I'm concerned....

David McLendon:
Did you contact them for a replacement or just toss it in a corner and be mad?

David McLendon:
Failures happen, I had a very expensive custom blow up on the fourth shot once, no need to mention the brand but they are up there high enough that they don't even advertise. One phone call and it was sent back for a new set of limbs and returned surprisingly quick. So if a $2K bow can blow, so can a $198 bow and neither be junk.

 I have the longbow at 45#, used the material that came with it for shelf & strike plate & have not had any issues with it. I shoot it a lot just target & a little stumping, all with 1916s @ 293/8" 125 points, put my boa quiver on it & it didn't change point of impact any. have had bows in the past that it would change impact a bunch.
  it has proved to be a very good bow for the money spent, fit & finish can always be made better with a little sand paper & a spray can of finish. seriously considering buying a couple more to put back to have just in case.


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