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Bow man:
Really thinking about putting an Eland on my list for SA.  Those that taken one, what has been your set ups and what do you think you need for draw and arrow weight

I shot two bull kudu in Namibia last July.  I used an A&H Archery ACS bow with 57# limbs and carbon arrows that weighed about 650 grains and were tipped with a heavy single bevel broadhead.  Complete penetration on bow bulls (arrow hanging out the off side of one bull and buried to the fletch on the second).  Eland are quite a bit bigger than kudu.  Draw weight does not mean too much as some bows are more efficient than others.  A hard shooting 50# bow with heavy arrows with a really sharp two blade head should do the job fine.  Personally, I would prefer to have a few extra pounds of draw weight energy in the event my aim is a little off and I first have to chop through dense foreleg muscle.

Bow man:
Thanks John for the feed back. That is what I was thinking. 

Well I really can't comment, as I passed on an Eland bull the first day of the hunt last August.  What was I thinking??? ha  Actually they were not on my list, but I could have shot one anyway.  I figured it was only the first day - had 8 more days yet.  So, I shot a Zebra and Impala that first day.  However, I did shoot Kudu, Gemsbuck and several others.  I was shooting a 70 lb recurve with 650 grain carbon arrows.  Gold Tips arrows with 100 grain brass inserts and 200 grain single bevel Rocky Mountain Cut Throat broadheads.  I was really impressed with these broadheads.  First time using them and they were great.  I shot completely through every animal.  As someone else mentioned 70 lbs is probably not necessary, but that is what I have always shot.  I also hunted in Namibia with Makalaan Safaries.  They were great!  I want to return next year for another hunt and shoot all the animals that I passed on this last Aug.  I am just now receiving all my hides, rugs, etc.

My son and I both shot huge eland bulls this last trip to SA, both of us were shooting #60, he was shooting BE X-impacts with VPA 3 blades, I was shooting Widowmaker shafts with an Iron Will broadhead. Penetration is not particularly difficult, but they are tough critters to get to tip over.


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