Terry Green:
I would like to thank all that have contributed over the years to Tradgang.  You have no idea how much y'all have helped this site move further down the road.

I started a thread a while back on the history of the classifieds, but I  wont get into that at this time.  But, I will reiterate how pleased  we are at the 'scam free' history over the last 4 years since we incorporated the  Classifieds in with the Contributing Memberships.

Well, after the last ten years with the same custom built computer(which is on its last leg), I was able to use contributing funds to order another custom built computer.  No, this is not our server, just one I will use at home for Tradgang.

I am very happy about this as the same guy that built my last, which is still working, built this new one. I also had him build Rob one shortly after that.

I will also be able to run multiple screens at a time .....which will be a HUGE help with a more efficient expenditure of time and help greatly with my A.D.D.

I will try and get a pic later this evening...not sure if I will have it up by this evening WITH the new table I was able to buy also. I needed not only to support the multiple screens, but getting them and the keyboard up to give my back some relief. Funny how we put things off....I've been using two end tables for years!

Oh, and I got a new chair after 18 years....

So, once again.....many many thanks Sponsors & Contributing Members....

I feel like a kid at Christmas. :clapper: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :clapper:

Terry Green:
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