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2015: A Good Year... in Pictures and Video

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Michael Arnette:
I'm so blessed to have enjoyed such a wonderful year. Here are links to my YouTube videos and I'll be posting more photos as the memories are being made.

here is a link to my YouTube page:

September Elk Hunt:
October 1st Oklahoma:

October 24th Oklahoma:

November 14th, She just missed a good buck:
November 19th Oklahoma:

November 20th Arkansas:

November 30th Oklahoma and the sunset on the way out:
(Harvest photos taken on Dec 1st)

Way to go!



Michael Arnette:
As I found the 8 point:
As I found the Doe:
Coyote (I've gotten several this year but not with a trad bow)

Michael Arnette:
...another Arkansas buck

Nice Work! Well done...


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