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Anybody have any Dan Quillian photos?

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Anybody have any Dan Quillian photos to share?

Don Stokes:
Here's the grizzly that Dan killed with the shafts I made for him. He used 160 Snuffers with my barrel-tapered Superceder shafts and got complete penetration to the hide on the opposite side, quartering through the chest at about 15 yards. He was on a high bank overlooking a salmon stream when the big old sow came by him. She squared 8 1/2 feet and was big enough to make P & Y. The other man is his friend who was his guide in Alaska on the trip, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten. When Dan shot this bear, he had an open wound on the bottom of his foot, so he couldn't have run if she had seen him. He later lost the foot, due to diabetes and "hospital" staph infection that wouldn't heal. It hardly slowed him down at all!

Don, that's a great photo and great story!  Thanks for sharing!!

Don Stokes:
When Dan told me the story, he said she looked so big it was like shooting a bus. She "woofed" when the arrow hit and whipped her head around, and Dan froze in place. She didn't see him, and walked on across the river and into the woods. He wisely didn't go in after her until the next morning, where he found her dead in no more than 100 yards.

Only Dan would have hunted grizzly bears with such a wound in his foot! It was not the only close encounter he had on the trip, and he could only hobble around. The man was amazing. The world is a smaller place since he passed on.

I use this as a desktop from time to time.  


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