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Both deer were taken with a sinew backed osage flatbow, river cane arrows, and sinew wrapped trade points. The 115# doe was taken on the evening of 11/ 8/ 03 at a distance of 6yds.



The 190# 8pt was taken at 5yds ( I like'um close! ) on the morning of 11/11/03. This buck was tending a doe and trying to keep 3 other bucks away from her for about a half hour before she lead him past me ,, it was quite a show !  I had almost not gone hunting that morning because I had the flu all night,,I even laid in the front seat of my truck when I got to the farm trying to decide if I should hunt or not. I guess sometimes not being too smart, leads to being lucky : )

Richard, Glad to see you put those pics up!  :thumbsup:  

Nice deer! Congrats again.

Just love that little bow! I got one of those on the tree that I'm working on for next year.

Gotta Question,,,,how do I embed the pics in the post? I'm not too up on computer stuff ya know and my 13yr old daughter hasn't been around to help ol'dad out.

Nice Deer.  Seeing more and more guys from IN posting lately.  Way to go Flatstick.


Cool pictures!  What an accomplishment to take those deer with primitive equipment and at such close range.  Way to Go, Bro!

Longbows & Short Shots,


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