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DIY Backcountry Elk Again 2022

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Gil Verwey:
Went on a couple of DIY Elk hunts about 10 years ago. Both myself and hunting partner had been under the weather for a while. Whenever we don't feel as healthy as we should, there is only one thing to do - backpack into the backcountry for elk! We went when we were 57 and 58, in 2022 we will be 69 and 70.

I'm 67 and my best friend is 69 and i know exactly how you feel! Life got in the way with us for a few years and were just able to hook back up huntingwise last year. Good luck to you guys! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

You'll be glad you did it even if it kills ya...I'm 66 and chase elk every year...killed a bear last night and it ran down into a typical north Idaho brush hole. Packed it out in one trip this morning (no hide) in my slippers (kinda)...came home and took a I'm ready to go fishing for a few days before I buy a second bear tag... :bigsmyl:

Take lots of naps and enjoy ur trip....don't forget to share with us other aging one when ya get back...
we all need encouragment :thumbsup:

I remember your post well, Elk Paradise or something along that line, between that post and meeting Aron Snyder about the same time, I became inspired and purchased some top end Kifaru gear for me and my wife and we started camping in aways instead of at the truck. Many thanks to you!

Gil, I really enjoyed reading your elk prep and adventures from 10 years ago and look forward to read your new adventures. :clapper:


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