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Carrying the necessities is always a priority!  Knowing how to take care of yourself in the forest is becoming a lost art, as we depend on technology to keep us safe more and more these days.  If you have an increased knowledge of woodcraft, you can lighten your load by ditching the technological "wonders".  that said, I do carry a Garmin satphone linked with my phone, but that's only because my wife insists.  Otherwise, I have no use for the things.  My loadout is as follows: ferro rod, full tang knife, small folding saw, paracord, a small pot that stores the emergency bivy bag, some cliff bars and instant coffee, an MSR Trailshot water filter, a small cup, and some first aid stuff, along with a whistle.  Depending on what season I'm out in the forest, I might also carry a small Scandinavian Forest Axe and the whetstone to keep it sharp-that's more of a winter thing than in warmer weather though.  Knowing how to build shelter, and get a fire going in any conditions, will keep you alive, but you need to practice the skills.

NY Yankee:
Remember the "10 C's" of survival gear,
1. Cutting Tools (knife, saw)
2. Covering Elements ( tarp, poncho, jacket)
3. Combustibles (stuff to start a fire)
4. Container (stainless steel water bottle)
5. Cordage ( various cordage and rope)
6. Compass (and a topo map!)
7. Candle Power (headlamp and batteries)
8. Cargo Tape (1" wide roll Gorilla Tape!)
9. Cotton Cloth (42"x42" 100% cotton bandanna. Lots of uses)
10. Canvas Needle. (large repair needle and floss. Lots of uses)
Also, Combo Tool (a multi tool)
Calories (some snack bars)
Clothing (hooded jacket, knit hat, etc)
These things give you a good basic set of gear to make it on your own for a short time in the wilderness. Most items have multiple uses and even makes it unnecessary to carry a lot of first aid gear if you know how to use the stuff.

As a old Hunter of 80 soon to be 81years and 63 some years of Hunting. My number one item to always have on hand is good

old potty paper or paper towel will do. Sure beats grass or worst Poison Ivy. (ONESHOT)

NY Yankee:
Yes! TP or paper towels should be a staple of outdoor gear. I always have a good handful of paper towels in a Ziploc bag in my pack. Like duct tape, they have a million uses! Thanks Oneshot!


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