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With all the Elk talk going on how about a detailed pack list for a 7-10 day backpack hunt in the backcountry. I will put my list up also , this year will be my 7th Elk trip off my back and always like seeing how others load-out for a hunt..

I know lists will vary for each type of hunt so if your not after Elk put your sheep , Bear , deer , what ever list up. We can always learn a new trick or a new piece of gear. For instance 2 years ago my hunting partner for elk was a tradganger and he brought a light weight kettle and that thing was awesome ( I’m buying one for this year )...



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As you can see my list is pretty simple , I’m going to get a air pad for this year instead of my Zrest and I’m going to add the light weight kettle also...

My gear is also based on funds available so most is not the super high end stuff but it works and gets the job done very well..

Also this year I will be using a longbow and wood arrows ( I have been on 6 elk DIY backpack elk hunts and killed 4 bulls with a recurve and carbon arrows ) so longbow and wood this year....


J from Denmark:
Sam, thats a pretty awesome stastistic with the elk you have, my hat is of to you!
I am going on my second elkhunt ever this year. got a 5 point on my own last time but this tome I am going in for both muledeer and elk and are going to be in the mountains for 20 days! 10 days alone and then 10 days with a buddy without coming out of there in between. So I am also preppi g big time right now and finding lots of new light weight gear.. its incredible how light weight the new stuff is..

would be cool to see some pics from your other elkhunts.. 😊


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